Monday, January 23, 2017

Luma Pictures

Luma Pictures is a full service visual effects studio with facilities in Santa Monica, California and Melbourne, Australia. Staffed by a phenomenal team of artists, supervisors and technicians the company operates one of the most efficient production pipelines in the industry and has a consistent track record for delivering groundbreaking visual effects on time, on budget, and with exceptional service.

Currently we are looking for following positions:
1. Animation Supervisor
2. Jr. Producer/Coordinator
3. Fx Artist
4. Tracking/Machmove Artist
5. Paint/Roto Artist
6. Nuke Compositor
7. Modeling/ Texturing Artist
8. Lead Animator
9. Texturing Artist
10.Senior look developement Artist

Apply online
Location: Santa Monica

1. Senior Compositor
2. Modeling/Texturing Artist
3. Comp Supervisor
4. Tracking/Matchmove Artist
5. Lighting Artist
6. Compositor
7. Lead Compositor
8. Paint/Roto Artist
9. FX Artist

Apply online
Location: Melbourne

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