Saturday, January 21, 2017


Blocking is an animation technique where the most important story telling poses are created to establish the placement of character or object and how they will move in the scene. This technique is used very early on in the animation process and helps tell the story of the animation. Blocking is often the first step in pose-to-pose animation.


3.Animation-Line of Action

The line of action is an invisible line that can be drawn along a character’s pose. The character’s pose will follow along with this imaginary line. Typically there will be a few main lines for a pose, a “C” shape, a backwards “C” shape, and an “S” shape. When posing out your character you’ll want to ensure you have a strong line of action that typically resembles one of these shapes to help you establish a dynamic pose. An unappealing line of action would be a simple straight line that flows from your character’s head to their feet

Line of Action


           A pose in animation  represents how the character  is positioned .You can think of a pose the same way a statue is posed .Except in animation there are many poses that make up the animation .If you were tofreeze an animation at any point in time ,whatever position that character is in could be considered a poses.